BootLeg® Legging


Our Bootleg® leggings are 33” tall and reach up to the mid-thigh. They are made of an impervious 2 mil polyethylene blend without natural rubber latex, and are certifiably resistant to virus, fluid, and contaminant penetration by ASTM’s F1671 test standards. With the ever-increasing incidence of superbug infections, the disposable PPE Bootleg® medical boots have proven valuable for their versatility in providing superior protection against fluids and pathogens in all types of environments. The impermeable, lightweight, and disposable design keeps you safe and dry. Intended for use in the healthcare setting, they have proven popular in the other industries as well. Our Bootleg® personal protective booties are held comfortably in place by an elastic hem. Bootlegs® remain a cost effective means of protection from uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations. These disposable medical garments are one size fits all and are available in both regular and non-skid versions.

• Impervious to fluids and pathogens – ASTM F1671 Rating for Viral Penetration ensures the maximum amount of protection
• Can be comfortably worn under gown or over scrubs
• Durable 2 mil polyethylene can be worn for long periods without tearing – Cost effective means of protection from contaminants
• One size fits all – reduces your inventory

Non-Skid Products
Bootleg® Legging BL-250 50 pairs/case
Regular Products
Bootleg® Legging BL-200 50 pairs/case

To view this product on, follow this link: BL-250.


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