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Today more than ever bio-contaminants and toxic agents pose a serious risk to healthcare professionals worldwide. Impervious disposable personal protective garments are integral to safeguarding against exposure or contamination among patients and healthcare providers. Disposable patient slide sheets reduce hospital-acquired infections by eliminating cross-contamination that other transfer devices can cause. Whether you are looking for protection from pathogens, savings from nosocomial infections and workers’ compensation, or simply want to stay dry in extremely wet situations, Sloan Medical offers an extensive product line that can be used in surgical procedures, maternity wards, ER’s and in the field. Impermeable disposable products allow healthcare professionals to enter sensitive situations with an increased confidence level.

Our Sta-Dri™ disposable medical products, having passed the stringent ASTM F1671 viral penetration resistance testing, offer another line of defense against contamination when used with established protocols. Protection against exposure to hazardous waste, pandemic agents or bio-contaminants begins with prevention and contingency planning. Our non-sterile garments allow you and your team plan for the unexpected. We use waterproof polyethylene material in all of our disposable medical products which keep fluids from contacting medical equipment and personnel, helping to protect your work environment.

We offer an array of medical protective products including patient transfer sheets, medical boot covers, impermeable mattress covers, protective pedal covers, medical jumpsuits and surgical shoe-covers that are comfortable, lightweight and durable.   Most products ship within 24 hours and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Stay protected with Sloan Medical.


Sloan Medical keeps you covered and keeps you safe with a complete range of disposable, impermeable products. It is our goal to manufacture the highest quality personal protective equipment for our customers. We focus on creating and maintaining excellence in all aspects of the business from our knowledgeable customer service to our fast and reliable shipping. Our product lines are guaranteed to perform in all types of environments, offer easy clean-up, and provide total protection all at reasonable prices. With a variety of styles, sizes, and features from which to choose, you can find the right protective gear to fit your needs and budget. You can count on Sloan Medical for full satisfaction on every product we offer. Exceeding expectations is always our principal area of concern, and we make sure that all our products meet or surpass the demanding medical industry standards. A quality-oriented approach is followed from start to finish so that our products reach our clients in the best possible shape. This approach has enabled us to gain the trust of our clients all across the world.